"Honestly and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway."

Many agencies hide their pricing behind a strategy call or free consultation. While publishing the prices for our services does make it easier to compare us to competitors, we believe in the value of openness and in establishing client relationships that are based on transparency and honesty. If you are interested in our services but have found better pricing elsewhere, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to match the pricing you have been given.


If you are from a non-profit, please reach out to request our non-profit pricing.

Website Redesigns

$1,000 base charge + $200 per page

Our Redesign Process. While each website is different, our approach to the design process remains largely consistent. 

  • Discovery (Style Guide and website purpose)
  • Planning (Site map, page designs, and services agreement)
  • Site Creation
  • Revision
  • Publishing
  • Post-checks and education
Scope Limitations. While we do our best to provide as many services as possible, to keep the costs down for you, we do not provide images for client websites other than a handful of photos necessary for backgrounds and website elements. As a client, you will be responsible for providing photos of building facilities, products, and team members.
Other Notes.
  • 50% of the cost for a Website Redesign is due before work is start and 50% is due once you approve the final project.

* A style guide is required for each website redesign project. If you do not already have a style guide, we can assist with creating one for you.

Website Designer Service

$50/hr. (1 hour minimum)

Do you have an update for your website that you need completed? Or have you run into a glitch that you can’t fix?

With no monthly minimums or retainer fees, our website designer service allows you to update your website without hiring an agency or a full-time webmaster! With the freedom and flexibility of being able to choose as many or as few updates as your budget or needs allow, we’re confident that you’ll love this budget friendly solution.

Company Review Portal

$100 flat rate

Do you have a hassle-free way for clients to leave reviews? Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, reviews are paramount to determine the quality of service being delivered and can play a vital role in a business’ success. Perhaps even more importantly, Google factors in a business’ review rating when displaying local search results–the higher your rating, the more engaging Google assumes your business to be, and the more it will reward you and increase your ranking.

With an unlimited number of links, we just need some branding materials to send over your new review portal (view example)!

Tier I - Advertising Management (for clients spending less than $1,000/mo. on ads)

$200/mo. base charge + $200 for each new ad (set-up and creative)

What We Offer:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Score Optimization
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Repeat Visitors Targeting
  • Monthly Performance Report

Platforms We Support:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
Ad Creative Process:
  • Meet with client to discuss goals, vision, and review any branding guidelines 
  • Design ad, mock-up images, and send for review and approval
  • Ad revision and final approval
  • Completion, set-up, keyword research, targeting, and publishing 
Other Notes: 
  • Monthly management payments are due at the beginning of the month whereas ad creative payments are due upon completion of the ad.

* A large part of ads are the keyword targeting and image (or video) creation. We are more than happy to use any ad copy you may already have and are here to assist with ad copy creation if your copy needs sprucing up or you need copy to begin with.

Tier II - Advertising Management (for clients spending more than $1,000/mo. on ads)

20% of monthly ad spend base charge + $200 for each new ad (set-up and creative)

What We Offer:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Score Optimization
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Repeat Visitors Targeting
  • Monthly Performance Report

* Our services for Tier II Advertising Management are the same as Tier I Advertising Management. The only change is the sliding payment scale.

Style Guide


What’s included:

  • Brand colors (up to 5)
  • Brand fonts (logotype, H1, H2, and Body)
  • Brand description
  • Brand voice
  • Sample image deck
  • Logo variation


Our redesign costs are purposefully set to a sliding scale, based on the number of pages you are looking to have on your website. However, that scale doesn’t take into account any backend set-up or any desired website education, so the base charge includes the time we spend on: header design, footer design, plugin management, post-launch education, tracking set-up, and any post-launch troubleshooting.

A style guide is a company document that determines a company’s voice, colors, and various other branding aspects so that the company’s imaging can be consistent. A website is adherent to a style guide, whether it’s your colors or not, and, if a business does not provide a style guide, the website agency will have to come up with one of their own. We understand the importance of branding and we don’t want to create or work with branding guidelines that don’t best represent you and your company.

A style guide is used to ensure the consistency of a brand’s visual identity. If you think of a large brand such as Adidas, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Spotify, or Facebook, a certain set of colors and fonts comes up in your mind. Those fonts and colors are used by that company to cement their brand in your mind. Once your company has a set of brand guidelines, you can do the same. Once you have a style guide, you can order projects from a range of different designers and rest assured that they will all look like your brand.  

To keep our services cost-affordable for our clients while maintaining enough revenue to pay our staff, we wanted to offer a sliding payment scale for our advertising services. As monthly management takes a minimum of 4 hours, we were not able to keep our fee at 20% and offer that sliding scale for clients who spend less than $1,000/mo. Rather than leaving the sliding scale off of the table completely, we split the ad management into two tiers to accommodate our clients and fairly compensate our employees.

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