What Makes Us Different

The necessity of a website in today’s society is absolutely critical for the success of a brick-and-mortar store, but many business owners are dealing with agencies that quote high costs, limit back-end access to their website, lock business owners into long contracts, and underdeliver on service while reporting on a few top metrics to ensure they can stay on as the website’s agency.

Here at Conceptual, we believe in our unique structure and are confident that our services cause us to stand out from our competition.

Pricing. Here at Conceptual, we have done our very best to ensure that our prices are cost-affordable for small business owners, and we offer discounts of up to 50% for non-profits.

Hosting and Website Access. We ensure that business owners have full access to their website and hosting so any hosting transfer fees are avoided, business owners only pay list price for their hosting, so business owners can lock our team out of their website at any time if they choose to change providers. We also don’t lock clients to long contracts. While we understand the value of a contract from a business perspective, we want to be sensitive to any budget or website need fluctuations and not lock anyone into a contract they don’t want.

Comprehensive Reporting. We also provide comprehensive monthly reporting on multiple aspects of our websites to ensure that nothing gets missed and we also include our plans for improving any week spots with our report.

Local. Our team is based right in Keene, New Hampshire, so we have the ability to meet our clients in person rather than being located halfway across the country and having to limit communication.

Affordability + Quality = Better Life for Everyone

Websites are crucial to ensure the success of your business. In fact, up to 70-80% of potential customers could be lost to a business without a website; yet, 50% of small business spend only $300/mo. on online marketing, creating a need for affordable pricing.

The quality of the work done on your online presence is also extremely vital as poor quality could result in low rankings, infrequent visitors, and a site that doesn’t generate sales. On the other hand, transparent reporting coupled with high quality work, could cause you to climb rankings, see your website visitors grow, and pay back your online investment in sales.

These two ideas paired together result in a better client-agency relationship, lower business costs, increased sales, and flexible working conditions for our team, resulting in a higher quality of life not only for the clients we serve, but also for the individuals on our team who make up our community, directly contribute to the monetary success of small businesses, and directly contribute to the overall success of non-profits.